Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
me : he doesnt say happy birthday to me...
crush : who??
me : my crush.
crush : who ?
me : ...
crush : hey, who is he?
me : ... (look at clock, 11:59 pm)
crush : happy birthday friend...
me : (sureprising)
crush : Happy birthday friend, wish you all the best ya.
me : Thanks ya...
crush : ur well.
me : why you say happy birthday at the night??
crush : because i want you for the last, for the last in my heart... So i dont say at 0:00am yesterday, i want you girl.
me : thanks
crush : so, who is your X?
me : YOU!!
crush : really?
me : yes boy
crush : so, do you want to be my girlfriend?
me : i really want. I DO :)

-my imagination, neARTI / @rrrtsapari-