Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Victoria Victory

i want to tell you some story... And this story created by me :D
My first english story... So, i'm sorry if my english is bad (very bad -_-z)

Victoria Victory

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name is Victory. She very likes shooting, he want to be a shooter like her father. But, her mother disagree with Victory’s aim.

Although Victory’s mother disagree with her, she always get the exercise from her father, and her father try to hide this secret. But sometimes, Victory’s mother nearly to know this secret. But Victory and her father feel lucky, because the secret don’t get known by her mother.

One day…

“Dad, I want join the Shooter Cup this year. I feel, i can win this year. Please let me to join the contest.” Victory said.

“If you join the contest, your mother will know you still will to be a shooter like me.” Daddy said, “But, if you know this risk and you still want to join the contest, why not?”

Victory feel very happy. Finally, she can join the contest. She try to be the winner at contest everyday. She doesn’t realize, someone watch her from tapper camera.

The contest is started. She tried to be a winner, before that she said to her mother, “Mom… I want go to my friend house to study. Bye Mom.”. Yes right. Victory was lie to her mother. If she doesn’t lie to her mother, she can be a krabby patty now.

At the contest place…

“For all contestant, please listen me…” the host give some instruction and the rules of the game. Victory feel confidence to be a good shooter now.

From far-far away, there is a woman who wear a red coat with a boots and baseball hat to hide her face. She watch Victory from here. She feel interested with this contest, especially with Victory.

“Victory will win the game. I will bet with you.” Woman said with someone. But no one theres. Just she in here. Ah right, she talking with someone on the phone.

Several hours later at contest place…

“And the winner is Victoria Keehl. Congrats Victoria, your parents will happy for this victory. Like your name right? Victoria get some victory.” The host said.

Victory feels happy. Very happy. But she feel sad too. She afraid if her mother got angry with her.

When Victory got some gift, the woman who wear a read coat come to Victory and said “Congratulation Victory. I know you will win this contest. You can be a best shooter in the world like your father. Your mother feel happy too. I know.” The woman said.

“Thanks. But from who you can know me??” Victory said.

“From your parents.”

“Ah damn, my mother will got angry with me. Arrggh…”

“No, your mother doesn’t angry with you Victory. I said to her, if i win the bet, she must support you to be a best shooter. I promise.” Woman said very seriously. Victory silent, “Are you sure Mam?” Victory asked woman.

“Yeah sure. I always watch you via tapper camera. I always support you because you are my best friend. Do you remember me Victory? I’m Stella who lived beside your house when you are at elementary school, and me at junior high school. I know when you at first grade, you always touch your father guns.”

“Really? Ah Stella, i really miss you. But why you can save the tapper camera at my room?”

“Your father helped me to do this. And then i bet with your mother, if you win this contest, you can be a shooter girl.” Stella give her smile to Victory.

“Oh Stella, thank you very much. Now, i can reach my aim!! With my parents support, ehm you too. And with your support.”

At home…

“Let’s celebrate victory of Victoria Keehl. We hope you can be a shooter girl. Fighting!!” Victory mothers said. Yeah, finally her mother agreed Victory can be a best shooter. Victory beside Victoria.


berhubung judulnya Victoria Victory, aku juga mau ngasih bonus looklet aku yang judulnya Victoria Victory

Victoria Victory ini menggunakan Vintage style :D

kalau mau lihat Look saya yang lain klik ---> arti keehl

*ceritanya dibuat untuk tugas bahasa inggris :) dan Looklet nya Bonus..