Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Lost (jangan ada yang meng-copy atau menjiplak atau kegiatan sejenis lainnya, lagu ini. Hak milik saya dan eel!)

when i opened my past
when the past comes back to me
Thats what i think

I want to forget but could
I want to delete but could not
Too sick to be forgotten

Trying to open a new page
Trying to live today, and tomorrow through
This day without you
And tomorrow forget about you, try to forget you

Memories you have given, too ill to be forgotten
Too bitter to be remembered

But now the memory loss
Because i'm sure, still no tomorrow
Better tomorrow
Because i'm sure, i'll get the best

(jangan ada yang meng-copy atau menjiplak lagu ini!! Ini milik saya dan eel)
By : eel-arplay
(lost - beyondbeat)